We provide top quality evidenced-based training for both adults and youth. All training are custom-designed to fit our client and audience. We conduct pre-assessment surveys before presentations and training to increase efficiency. And then evaluative their experience and progress. Multi-level training and coaching are also available throughout the contract period.
We specialize in helping others establish an authentic emotional connection to increase the impact of existing programs or initiatives. Some of our clients include:Corporate agencies who want to:

-train their staff how to connect with youth to increase the impact of their mentor program
-school administration who wants teachers trained to connect and motivate students
-non-profits who want to train staff how to motivate volunteers and increase community engagement
-organizations who want a strategy to connect and engage the community
-youth organizations who need better classroom management
-mentor programs who want to engage parents and community
-organizations who need diversity training
-parent Empowerment training

Training titles

  1. Mentoring (basics) level #1
  2. Mentoring(advancing) level#2
  3. Mentoring (train the trainer) level#3
  4. Group mentoring
  5. Mentee training
  6. Mentor training for parents
  7. Gang awareness for parents and providers
  8. Gang prevention & intervention for parents and providers
  9. Gang prevention & intervention for children 6-18
  10. At Risk prevention/intervention
  11. Group mentoring
  12. Parent empowerment
  13. Volunteer management
  14. Asset-based community development
  15. Culture awareness for mentors
  16. Classroom management
  17. Positive Youth development
  18. Method of instructions
  19. Staff Development
  20. Leadership
  21. Empowering the impoverished


We provide guidance, coaching, support and strategies to develop effective programs or increase the impact of existing programs. Call us to find out about our asset-based community development consulting services. We can show you how to develop sustainable communities based on their strengths and potentials by assessing the resources, skills and experience in the community.


  1. Free consultation – Once we are contacted, we will set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss the client’s needs.
  2. Analyses and decision to act– We will collect data to determine problems, action plans, timeline and decision to contract.
  3. Contract development– Once both parties agree to contract, a contract will be craft based on information from previous meetings.
  4. Implementation– When contract is signed, we will start services as per contract timeline and expectations.
    Extension Within 30 days of completion of contract both client and company will meet to decide to extend contract.
Note: all services include assessments and evaluations. We also work with the client to share all feedback and findings.


-Registered with the National Mentoring Resource Center
-Certified gang specialist (N.Y.P.D.)
-Certified Method of Instruction trainer in New York and North Carolina
-Certified Leve #2Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) counselor
-30 years of experience in youth and community development
-Assessments tools and evaluations through top Psychiatrists.


 501 c3 EIN# 41- 2240810
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