To experience everyone living their purpose

To inspire others to reach their full potential by providing the: tools, training, guidance and strategies to accomplish it and teach them how to inspire others.

We believe that everyone was created with a unique personality, prizes and purpose. When people are discouraged, detached and distracted they can lose their sense of purpose. Although they may not know what their purpose is; just being able to sense that they have one gives hope and increased sense of self-worth. Everyone has an important part to play in this world. Finding purpose means fulfilling your place in your home, community and society. We understand that the core of poverty is not the lack of material things, but the lack of authentic relationship with God, others, resources and ourselves. Without a sense of purpose we become impoverished. We look for pleasure, happiness and excitement but never find contentment. That only comes from purpose.

We hold ourselves accountable to live our purpose
We will always do our best
We will always lead with our passion and compassion
Every person has great value
We will serve where we are gifted

True change comes from authentic caring relationships
God has a plan and purpose for everyone
When you are living your purpose, you and everyone around you benefit
Compassion leads to purpose and purpose ignites passion
Never become culture blind, but culture engaging

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