How to choose family the family values to add to your mission statement

America has people coming from countries around the world. Many families come to America with their own special values and customs. It’s important to decide as a family what elements to pass down through the generations; this preserves the family legacy. How do we decide what family values to preserve while living in a new culture? This is a practical way to decide family values are as follows.

  • Give each family member three small pieces of paper
  • Ask each family member to write down a family value on each paper
  • Then look at all the values and pick the top three (as a group)
  • Label a long piece of paper “what these values look like, sound like and feels like in three sections.
  • Then discuss and record what those values; look like, sound like, and feels like; and fill out the paper.

For example; if you chose “supportive.” The family should discuss what kind of things can be done to show support for each other, what does supportive speech sound like and how being supportive makes you feel.


Put your results in a safe space and we will cover writing the complete mission statement in the next blog.


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Posted on July 21, 2017 in Family

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